Reflection 142: The Lord’s Peace Dispels Evil


It is important to recognize the existence of the evil one, satan.  And it’s important to realize his anger and hatred.  His hatred is of greater intensity than we may be able to understand.  It is beyond his control to cease hating us and seeking to destroy us with all his powers.  Why is it important to know this?  Because when we receive some attack from the evil one, either directly or through the “inspired” anger of another, we tend to react with fear, scandal, or anger ourselves.  We tend to want to fight back.  But if we understand the intense hatred of the devil, we will realize that he desires to draw us into his hatred and anger.  Therefore, the best response to any experience of his hatred is to turn from him and his attacks and to remain at peace with God.  The peace of our soul will dispel him and all he seeks to do to us.  His anger is not worth even a moment of our attention or engagement (see Diary #713).

How do you react to the evil one and his attacks?  Do you recognize his insidious but vile ways?  Can you discern his attempts to steal your peace and turn your focus to fear rather than faith?  Reflect, today, upon the crucifix and turn your eyes to this saving act of perfect love given by our Savior.  By turning to the Lord in all things, His peace remains and He will dispel the dark attacks of him who hates us.

Lord, I turn my eyes to You and give my mind, heart, feelings and passions to You and You alone.  Free me from foolish fear and from all attacks from the evil one.  May I discern his evil ways and reject their effects by trusting in You and You alone.  Jesus, I do trust in You.

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