Reflection 143: Trust, Trust and More Trust


Every reflection of this book ends with a prayer and each prayer ends with the prayer, “Jesus, I trust in You.”  But do you?  Trust is not only a one time act.  It’s not something we do or do not do.  It’s something we must do on a continually deepening level.  There is no limit to the depths of the trust to which we are called.  The deeper your trust, the more the Heart of our Divine Lord will be drawn to pour forth His Mercy.  One essential aspect of growing in trust is seeing our misery and sin.  When we see our sin without trust in God’s Mercy, we are left in despair.  But when we see the horror of our sin and trust in His Mercy to the same extent, He enters in and transforms our souls into His holy and pure dwelling place of love (See Diary #718).

Do you trust in God and in His abundance of Mercy?  If you do, you will also be aware of your sin to a great extent.  Do you see your sin?  Are you aware of your miserable condition?  If so, do not despair; rather, see it as a graced opportunity to trust all the more in God and in His perfect love for you.

Lord, I do trust in You but I do not trust You enough.  Help me, first, to be aware of my wretchedness and sin.  But in seeing this miserable condition, help me to turn to You rather than to despair.  May my trust never end and may it grow continually deeper so that Your Heart may be opened and so that You will pour down Your grace upon me.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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