Reflection 145: Lost in the Admiration of Love


Falling in love can leave one “spellbound.”  This form of human love may leave you speechless to a certain extent, not finding it necessary, or even possible, to accurately express what you feel.  But the love of God is beyond any experience of human love and, thus, when experienced on a profound level, you will find yourself sitting back in awe and admiration of the God whom you love.  No words will be able to capture or express your admiration and amazement of the glory and splendor of the God with whom you have been drawn to love.  Your silence and awe will say far more than you could articulate in any other way (See Diary #729).

Have you fallen in love?  More specifically, have you fallen in love with your God?  “Falling in love,” as it relates to God, is not only a human passion or emotion, it’s a spiritual yearning that consumes your soul and leaves you content in His presence.  The experience of this spiritual union with God is all that you need in life to find fulfillment and it will be the source of all that you do in life, in that your actions will be solely directed toward the love of God, your beloved.  Reflect upon the depth of your love of God and if you do not see this love alive in your life, tell the Lord that you desire it and seek Him with all your might.

Lord, I love You and desire to be loved by You.  I know my love is far from perfect.  Lord, help me to seek You more intimately and to encounter You in the most intimate of ways.  May my spirit be filled with a longing for You, and as I meet You may I gaze upon Your glory and splendor.  May I truly become “lost” in my deep admiration of You, my God.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Feature image above: The Ecstasy of St Paul by Niccolò Possino via Wikimedia Commons