Reflection 156: The Lord is Our Refuge


There are times in life when fear enters into your life.  You may have some daunting task before you, or may be walking down a path of the unknown.  These, and many other experiences in life, can become a cause for fear and anxiety.  Fear of the unknown can especially become all consuming.  But it need not be if the Lord is with you and is your constant Refuge.  Jesus desires that you turn to Him in childlike trust and simplicity, knowing that He will lead you through life every step of the way.  We need not fear if our eyes and heart are fixed on Him.  He will never leave us (See Diary #797).

What is it that you fear the most in life?  What is it about your future that worries you?  Does that which is unknown to you cause much anxiety?  Know that the Lord desires to free you of these heavy burdens by inviting you to take refuge in His Sacred Heart.  By turning to Him, as a child, you will be freed of the fears that are quite burdensome.  Ponder your fears this day and then turn to the Lord in perfect abandon.  As you do, He will lift them from you, replacing them with His perfect peace.

Lord, I turn to You in my anxiety and fear.  I trust You in all things and pray that You increase my capacity for faith and hope in You.  Please become my refuge and give me the confidence of a child, to turn to You in my time of need.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to the Sacred Heart
Novena dates: May 29 – June 6, 2024
June 7, 2024: Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

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Featured image above:  Peter’s denial by Anton Robert Leinweber via Wikimedia Commons