Reflection 157: Moral Decision Making


Do you ever struggle with making the right moral decision?  This happens as a result of our fallen human nature.  We are easily confused in life and can easily fail to grasp the Mind and Will of God.  So what should you do?  Know that your conscience is a sanctuary to which the Lord must be invited.  When invited, He will come and dwell there to teach you all things.  When facing decisions in life, pray, seek counsel from others, and seek the many truths revealed through Scripture and our Church.  These are all sources of the Mercy of God.  Afterwards, if you have truly sought the Lord and His holy Will, act as your conscience commands.  Listen to it, trust it, and act on it.  If in the future you see that you have erred, do not hesitate to change.  But do not hesitate to move forward in the way that you hear our Lord directing you.  He is a God of abundant Mercy and the pure and holy intention you have gives much joy to His Heart (See Diary #800).

Do you struggle with making decisions in life?  Do you worry that you are offending our Lord?  If so, let go of these worries for they may be the result of a scrupulous conscience.  Instead, do your due diligence by seeking the reasonable advice of others whom you trust, seek guidance from the Scriptures and from our Church, pray and abandon yourself to God and His holy Will, and then trust your conscience and act.  Think about that decision that you may struggle with right now.  Work through this process and leave the rest to our merciful Lord.

Lord, help me to seek Your holy Will in all things, to come to know Your holy Will and to act on it with full confidence.  Give me, also, the grace of humility to change when I see that I have erred.  Bless me, dear Lord, with a clean conscience so that I may glorify You always in freedom and love.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Novena to the Sacred Heart
Novena dates: May 29 – June 6, 2024
June 7, 2024: Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

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