Reflection 171: Comparing Earth to Heaven


Try to imagine what you will think about this time on Earth when you get to Heaven.  Will you miss this life?  Will you want to return?  Will you wish you made more money while here or had more worldly success?  Most likely not.  Compared to Heaven, this world is pitiful.  That doesn’t mean that our lives cannot be glorious here, it just means that Heaven will be infinitely more glorious.  For that reason, we must constantly put our eyes upon building true treasure that will last forever.  Our only concern must be Heaven and doing all that the Lord calls us to do here and now so as to attain that glory.  Do not spend one moment wasting time on things that will mean nothing to you in Heaven.  Instead, spend all your time “building your Heavenly mansion” through a life of pure faith and charity, growing in an immense love of God.  You will never regret increasing your love of God, here and now, when you get to Heaven (See Diary #899).

What occupies your daily thinking and dreams?  What is the object of your hope and greatest desire?  Try to honestly assess this and do not be afraid to admit it if you discover that your primary goals are those things that are passing and, ultimately, unimportant.  As you discover this, turn your eyes to Heaven and to the love of God.  Consider practical ways that you can refocus your life so that it is fully given to the purpose you were made for, namely, to love God with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.  Unless this is your central goal in life, you have the wrong goal.  Pray and surrender to God and redirect all things to Him.

Lord, I desire to make You and Your holy Will the central focus of my life.  I choose nothing other than to love You and my neighbor.  Help me to be diligent in building Your Kingdom on Earth so that I may enjoy Your Kingdom eternally in Heaven.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: St Francis entering Heaven by Lawrence OP via flickr