Reflection 174: The Timing of God is Perfect


When we desire to accomplish the Will of God in this world and do wonderful things for Him, we can sometimes seek to do things our way according to our timing.  But to truly accomplish the Will of God you must pray hard, surrender yourself to His holy Will, and then even surrender the fulfillment of His Will.  It’s not a matter of just doing what you think best, when you think best; rather, it’s a matter of accomplishing His holy Will as He directs it, when He directs it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  This is an act of trust and it will be rewarded with God accomplishing great things in accord with the perfect plan He has set forth, in accord with His timing (See Diary #916).

Do you want to do great things for God?  If so, tell Him so and make an act of total surrender to His Will.  And then wait, and wait and wait.  Keep trusting and keep surrendering and trust that He will inspire you to action when the time is right.  Reflect upon your patience with the Will of God today.  God will always wait for the perfect moment to inspire you to act.  If you can patiently wait on Him, you will see an abundance of Mercy flow from Heaven.

Lord, in surrendering myself to You and entrusting myself to You as an instrument for Your glory, I pray that I may act only when and how You direct me to act.  Help me to always know that You are perfect in Your wisdom and orchestrate all things in a harmoniously beautiful way.  I trust in Your Will and choose it over my own will, today and always.  Jesus, I trust in you.

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