Reflection 176:  Combating the Sin of the World


When God looks at the world, what does He see?  Most certainly He sees the beauty of His creation, the perfect order of His design and the presence of His sons and daughters.  But He also sees the horror of the multitude of sins.  Even the slightest sin or imperfection cannot escape His sight.  Imagine trying to take in the sins of the world with one glance.  But in His perfect Mercy He allows Himself to be consoled by those humble and holy souls who are specially chosen by Him.  Yes, all people are chosen, but certain souls respond to the heights of holiness more than others, and in so doing, combat the evils of our world in a powerful way.  This is one of the unique callings of those living in the cloistered religious life, hidden from the world with a single focus on interior conversion.  We may not see the benefit to such holy souls, but God does and His wrath is turned into Mercy, especially on account of these and all holy souls (See Diary #926).

Reflect upon the fact that you are one of these chosen souls.  You may not be called to the hidden life of a cloister, but you are called to achieve great sanctity.  As God sees the holiness of your life, His justice is satisfied and His Mercy flows forth.  Though the things you say, the thoughts you have and the prayers you pray may never be known by another, God who sees all things sees your heart and the holiness that you achieve in life.  This holiness will do more than all the words and actions you could ever accomplish on your own.  You are a chosen soul.  Fulfill that mission and you will become a powerful instrument of the Mercy of God.

Lord, I thank You for choosing me for holiness.  I accept this calling and seek to serve You with my whole heart.  My life is Yours, dear Lord, do with me what You Will.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Young Nun at Prayer by Sergei Gribkov via Wikimedia Commons