Reflection 177:  Holy Obedience


One of the greatest safeguards against doing our own will rather than God’s is holy obedience.  Those in religious life are blessed to live this in a literal and external way, allowing the external practice to be interiorized so as to become certain that they are living the Will of God.  But obedience must be lived in every life, not only religious.  Obedience is achieved in many ways.  It’s achieved in family life when we submit our will to the preferences of others, subjecting ourselves in a form of obedience so as to foster love and unity.  It’s achieved in a profound way when we submit our will to the voice and teaching of our Church.  We will never go wrong by living holy obedience to that which the Lord speaks through His Church.  When we live this obedience, the Will of God will not be imposed upon us from outside; rather, we will hear Him speak first in our heart and then it will be confirmed exteriorly (See Diary #932-933).

Do you hear God calling you, gently and subtly, to submit to the preference of another?  You ought not submit to those things that are contrary to the Will of God, but there are numerous opportunities each day to die to yourself and “obediently” embrace the will of another.  If you can do this always in regard to the Will of God spoken through His Church, you will see the gates of Mercy opened and your humble submission will bring you great holiness.

Lord, it is so very hard at times to let go of my own will and to embrace the will of another.  Help me to see these small acts as acts of true love and holy submission to You.  May I allow You to mold my will into Yours as I act in holy obedience, especially when this requires great sacrifice.  I also choose Your Will as it is revealed through Your Church and always submit to that revelation over my own ideas.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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