Reflection 178: Sanctity is Never Achieved on Our Own


Do you aspire to holiness of life?  If so, you cannot do this on your own.  You need the help of another, and even many others.  The Lord has given us numerous ways to be directed by the loving hand of others.  Some are blessed to have a spiritual director of many years who directs them in accord with the Mind and Heart of Christ.  But most are called to rely upon the general direction offered by Christ through His Church.  We do so when we find a confessor to whom we regularly confess our sins.  We do so when we study the lives of the saints and learn from their wisdom.  We do so when we listen attentively at Mass seeking to soak in the words our Lord wishes to speak.  And we do so when we allow people of true holiness to come to know our souls so as to offer their humble counsel (See Diary #938).

How do you allow the Lord to direct your soul?  Do you listen to Him speak to you in Confession?  Do you listen attentively at Mass, through the wisdom of the saints and through the teachings of the Church?  Do you seek out those people whom God has placed in your life to help you on your way?  Reflect, today, upon the ways that God wants to use others to help direct your life toward holiness and embrace this gift as His act of abundant Mercy.

Lord, You and You alone are my Director and Guide.  But You choose to guide me through the mediation of others.  May I always be willing to humble myself so as to receive the many helps You offer me through this journey of life. I pray I will never turn away from these instruments of Your Mercy and grace.   Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: St Peter Preaching in the Presence of St Mark by Fra Angelico via Wikimedia Commons