Reflection 188: The Demands of the Lord


If the Lord asks you to do something, do you have an option?  You do insofar as you can say “No.”  And this is a sin.  But if you have chosen to follow Christ and your goal is Heaven, then it’s proper to say that we are obliged to do whatever the Lord asks of us.  His requests are certain and immovable commands of Love.  He will not budge.  He will not change.  This is only hard to accept if we are stubborn and unwilling to submit to Him.  But if we understand the nature of His Will, as described above, then we should be overjoyed when we hear His crisp clear voice speaking to us with commands of Love.  We should see His Will and His Law as the perfect answer to every problem and every need we have in life.  The demands of the Lord are demands we must give in to.  And one of those demands is that He desires that we all enter into and distribute His abundant Mercy (See Diary #998).

Reflect upon the demand from our Lord that you dispense His Mercy.  He not only invites you to do so, it is His immovable and irrevocable perfect Will.  He will never change His Mind.  There is only one option you have.  You must concede to be a missionary of His Divine Mercy if you choose His Will for your life.  Are you willing to accept this calling?  Are you willing to say “Yes?”  Ponder this question today and make a choice that reflects the certainty of God’s perfect Will.  Say “Yes” to our Lord and you will not regret it.

Lord, Your Will is perfect and the delight of my soul.  I thank You for inviting and obliging me to be an instrument of Your Divine Mercy in the world.  May I embrace this calling with zeal, love and devotion.  Use me, dear Lord, as You will.  And I thank You for the incredible honor of serving You.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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