Reflection 189: Overcoming Fear


Fear results from various causes.  The perception of some immediate threat causes sudden fear as a sort of defense mechanism.  In fact, this could save your life if, for example, the immediate threat is a car swerving into your lane.  Sudden fear compels you to take action and avoid a collision.  However, fear can also result from other more remote factors that we experience as threats to our well-being.  For example, one may struggle with fear over an economic downturn or loss of profit in a business.  The fear may be, “How will I support my family?”  Or one may have health issues and this causes increasing fear about the future.  And the list could go on.  Though some forms of fear are healthy (swerving to avoid a car accident), most others are not.  Specifically, when fear causes anxiety and worry, leading one to lose trust in God and His providence, this is a problem.  But if God is alive in your heart, living and reigning there, His presence produces a supernatural confidence and trust in the midst of any and every struggle we face (See Diary #1001).

Reflect upon the specific fear you struggle with right now.  What is it that causes excessive worry and anxiety?  Whatever it may be, the Lord wants you to trust Him.  Yes, a certain “holy” fear can help us evaluate all situations properly and act diligently and responsibly, but too often what we actually struggle with is a lack of trust in God.  Reflect upon your fear and your trust and invite Christ more deeply into your heart so that His presence will cast out all useless fear, enabling you to fully trust in His care, providence and Mercy.

Lord, I do trust in You.  Help me to trust You all the more.  I surrender to You all that tempts me to fear.  I trust in Your perfect love and desire to rely completely on Your Mercy in my life.  My life is Yours, dear Lord, do with me as You will and guide me always.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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