Reflection 190: All Creation Gives Glory to God


All things are made for one ultimate purpose: to give praise and glory to the Most Holy Trinity.  We are made for nothing more, nothing less and nothing other than this purpose.  As people, we are called to give the unique praise and glory of our adoration to God through lives fully committed and surrendered to Him.  This surrender and total submission of our mind and will to Him offers God the praise that is due His name.  But all Creation shares in the glory of God in that all creation reflects His perfect order and, especially, His perfect Mercy.  For example, the providence that God manifests in caring for the birds of the sky, creatures of the sea and all living things on Earth reveals His glory and gives Him glory by their very existence.  We must see this, rejoice in it and give God glory for His Mercy that keeps all things in being (See Diary #1005).

Do you recognize the Mercy of God as manifested in all of Creation?  It may be easier to recognize His Mercy when offered to us through the forgiveness of our sins and His invitation to us to share in His life.  But we must also see the perfect order of Creation and, in that order, see His providential care for it as an act of great Mercy.  Reflect, today, upon Creation.  Think of the flowers, the bees, the animals and all the small details that make up the design of the physical world.  It’s truly amazing and mysterious and reveals a God of perfect wisdom and love.  Creation is a powerful revelation of God’s Mercy.

Lord, I thank You for all that You have done in this world.  I thank You for designing it, creating it and keeping it all in existence in accord with Your providence.  May I discover Your Heart of Mercy in all that You have made and grow in admiration of You through this gift.  Jesus, I trust in You.


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Featured image above: “Morning Glory In The Sun” by Lynn Greyling