Reflection 221: Glorying in Yourself

Sometimes, those who are quite “religious” speak of many “religious” things.  They speak pious language and talk about holy things.  But in the end, it may be that all they say and do … Read more>>>

Reflection 220: The Tormented Soul

Some people feel deeply tormented in the depths of their souls.  Sometimes this is caused by sin, sometimes it is caused by a special Mercy of God which enables the soul to experience … Read more>>>

Reflection 219: Difficulties in Proclaiming Mercy

If you commit yourself to a full embrace of the Mercy of God in your life, you will be transformed beyond your wildest dreams.  But you will also have another experience.  You will … Read more>>>

Reflection 218: A Single Perception of God

It is important to understand God and His ways, but understanding is not the same as knowing.  Knowing God means we encounter a Person.  We do not only understand what this person says; … Read more>>>

Reflection 217: The Lazy and Idle Soul

We please the evil one when we allow our souls to become lazy and idle in the things of God.  An idle soul is one that does not seek to engage the life … Read more>>>

Reflection 216: Clarity of Mind through Authentic Love

Our Church sets before us many teachings that can only be understood by grace.  Some teachings are about morality, calling us to a life of great virtue.  Some teachings are about God, His … Read more>>>

Reflection 215: The Freedom to Choose

In one sense we can say that God imposes upon us an obligation to turn to Him with our whole being and receive His Mercy.  He also imposes upon us the obligation to … Read more>>>

Reflection 214: A Complete Pardon

Imagine that you were guilty of a serious crime and faced life in prison.  You were sorry for what you had done and fully confessed to it.  On the day of your sentencing … Read more>>>

Reflection 213: The Spiritual Gift of Understanding

Do you understand the mysteries of God?  Imagine that you were a theologian who studied the faith of our Church for many years.  Would knowledge of all the theological disciplines of our Church … Read more>>>

Reflection 212: Overcoming Doubt

What is “doubt?”  To doubt is to lack faith, and to lack faith is to lack trust in the perfect revelation and plan of God’s Will.  First and foremost, a doubt, resulting from … Read more>>>