Reflection 176:  Combating the Sin of the World

When God looks at the world, what does He see?  Most certainly He sees the beauty of His creation, the perfect order of His design and the presence of His sons and daughters.  … Read more>>>

Reflection 175:  Love is Found in the Details of Life

How nice it is when you have a friend that you trust with every detail of your life.  We long to know others and we long to be known by others.  When you … Read more>>>

Reflection 174: The Timing of God is Perfect

When we desire to accomplish the Will of God in this world and do wonderful things for Him, we can sometimes seek to do things our way according to our timing.  But to … Read more>>>

Reflection 173: Unity with One is Unity with Three

The Blessed Trinity is described as having one Divine nature, yet remaining three distinct Persons.  As a result, the three distinct Persons share in a perfect unity.  In fact, they could not be … Read more>>>

Reflection 172: Patient Submission

Are you patient?  Both patience and impatience are born from a struggle within your will.  There are many times in life when your will is drawn by something other than God, wanting something … Read more>>>

Reflection 171: Comparing Earth to Heaven

Try to imagine what you will think about this time on Earth when you get to Heaven.  Will you miss this life?  Will you want to return?  Will you wish you made more … Read more>>>

Reflection 170: Fidelity on Good Days and Bad

It’s easy to love God when we feel like it and when life is going well and is quite easy.  But when life is challenging, we are immediately tempted to turn in on … Read more>>>

Reflection 169: Calm in the Presence of the King

Meeting someone of great power can be cause for excitement.  For example, meeting with the president of a company you wish to work at, or meeting someone famous for the first time, or … Read more>>>

Reflection 168: Evoking the Mercy of God for Others

There is one thing, and one thing only, that has the power to free sinners from the fires of hell.  That one thing is Mercy.  God offers His Mercy freely and in abundance, … Read more>>>

Reflection 167: Desiring the Lord to the Greatest Degree

When you pray, and when you pray long and hard, the Lord will enter in.  He will commune with you and unite His Heart to yours.  You will experience these effects in various … Read more>>>