Reflection 54: Praying for Others

It’s easy to presume that everyone we know will go to Heaven.  This, of course, should be our hope.  But if one is to attain Heaven, there must be a true interior conversion.  … Read more>>>

Reflection 53: Difficulties in Prayer

There are both interior and exterior difficulties we encounter as we attempt to form a daily habit of prayer.  Interior difficulties: discouragement, dryness, heaviness of spirit and temptations.  These difficulties are overcome through … Read more>>>

Reflection 52: Daily Prayer

What is it that makes your soul beautiful?  Prayer.  What is it that keeps you from sin?  Prayer.  What is it that fills you with hope?  Prayer.  What is it that leads you … Read more>>>

Reflection 51: Pure Love

Do you love with a pure love?  What does this form of love look like?  Pure love is one that flows directly from the Heart of Christ to and through your life.  This … Read more>>>

Reflection 48: Silence

Our tongue can build others up, or cut them down.  Our tongue also has a direct effect upon our own soul.  When the tongue speaks words inspired by God, we grow in holiness.  … Read more>>>

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