Reflection 331: Nothing Beyond Your Strength

It’s important to know that the Lord will never allow you to carry a cross that is beyond your strength.  Do you believe this?  If you do, it should help you to set … Read more>>>

Reflection 330: Praying for Others

Do not underestimate the power of your prayers.  The greater your trust in the Mercy of God, the more powerful will your prayers be for those who need them.  The Lord knows all … Read more>>>

Reflection 329: Confessing with Delight

Why do you fear Confession?  This glorious Sacrament is offered to you from the tender Heart of our Lord.  Through this glorious gift Jesus lifts the burdens you carry so that you can … Read more>>>

Reflection 328: Heaven

Heaven invites us into a life of glory and fulfillment that is beyond what we could ever comprehend.  Not even in Heaven will we fully comprehend the glorious mystery of God and His … Read more>>>

Reflection 327: The Hidden Presence of God

God is hiding.  But why?  He hides under the veil of secrecy and silence so that we will diligently seek Him.  He does not choose to compete with the distractions of the world … Read more>>>

Reflection 326: Waiting on the Lord

One common struggle many people have is that of impatience.  We tend to want what we want when we want it.  In our fast-paced society we are used to instant everything.  A full … Read more>>>

Reflection 325: Relying on the Saints

Imagine the soul who has lived a life filled with complete abandonment to God.  They achieved the heights of holiness and were not deterred by earthly distractions.  Throughout their life they sought to … Read more>>>

Reflection 324: That Longed-for Moment

What do you long for in life?  If you could pick one thing that you desire above all else what would it be?  Would it be death?  Probably not.  Surprisingly, the greatest saint … Read more>>>

Reflection 323: Your Unique Mission

God gives to each person a unique mission.  Some are called to very public lives; others are called to quiet and simple lives.  Some are called to use their minds in powerful ways; … Read more>>>

Reflection 322: The Obstacle of Pride

The Lord, in His abundant Mercy, comes to you day and night and joyfully enters your soul when it is open to Him.  Even the greatest struggles do not deter our Lord from … Read more>>>

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