Light Dispels the Darkness

Light dispels the darkness.  Scientifically speaking, we know that light and dark are not opposing forces; rather, dark is the absence of light.  And when light enters in, the darkness is no more.  … Read more>>>

Mercy at the Hour of Your Death

Every time we pray the “Hail Mary” prayer, we pray for the sacred hour of our death.  In so doing, we entrust that hour to our Blessed Mother so that she will intercede … Read more>>>

Seeing our “Littleness”

Little children can’t wait to grow up.  When they have a birthday, they are filled with joy that they are one year older.  And yet, as little children, they are still dependent upon … Read more>>>

Avoiding the Trap of Human Opinion

Does it matter what others think of you?  In other words, should you be concerned about the “opinions” of others?  Yes and no.  No, we should not be concerned in the sense that … Read more>>>

Mercy through Deeds, Words and Prayers

Do you want to become an instrument of the unfathomable Mercy of God?  If so, you do this by your deeds, your words and your prayers.  First, you must constantly be on the … Read more>>>

Your Holiness is a Gift to Others

Jesus deeply desires to pour forth His Divine Mercy into your soul.  He desires to transform your sin and make you His perfect dwelling place.  This is a gift beyond what we can … Read more>>>

The Mercy of the Angels

Reflection 1 will begin January 1, 2019 Only in Heaven will we understand the gift of the angelic hosts.  These magnificent spiritual beings were created by God out of love.  Some were created … Read more>>>

God’s Mercy is Infinite

Reflection 1 will begin January 1, 2019 Perhaps it’s no surprise to hear it said that the Mercy of God is infinite.  But “infinity” is quite a concept to grasp.  In fact, some … Read more>>>