Reflection 237: The Darkness of Faith Purifies our Love

Many of the great saints, including Saint Faustina, experienced an interior darkness in their relationship with God.  This is quite a mysterious experience.  As a soul grows intimately close to God there are … Read more>>>

Reflection 236: Praying for Mercy for Everyone

Every person is unique and God wishes to lavish His Mercy upon each and every one of us according to our particular needs.  When we pray for people, it’s good to offer them … Read more>>>

Reflection 235: The Simple Call to Mercy

As we grow deeper in our faith, it’s easy to presume that life will become more complex.  For example, when one begins to study mathematics, each course that is taken builds upon the … Read more>>>

Reflection 234: The Obscurity of Deep Faith

Normally, when one begins a journey of faith, there are countless insights and revelations that are enjoyed.  Various aspects of the life of faith come alive and understanding of the many mysteries in … Read more>>>

Reflection 233: The Response of Silence

At times it can be helpful to speak openly and thoroughly to God about what we experience in life.  You may feel compelled to talk and talk and talk.  And God will listen.  … Read more>>>

Reflection 232: Calming the Storm

Recall the story of Jesus calming the storm (Matthew 8:23-27).  This miraculous act was done as a prophetic sign of Him bringing you peace during the particular challenges you face in life.  Jesus … Read more>>>

Reflection 231: Binding the Hands of Punishment

If you were a criminal, incarcerated for some crime, you would most likely see life from a perspective that is very different from others.  You would daily long to have your punishment removed … Read more>>>

Reflection 230: The Contradiction of the Cross

We should never tire of pondering the wounds of Christ.  Each and every wound He received was unjustified and caused by the sins of others.  His perfect hands and feet, His brow and … Read more>>>

Reflection 229: Day-to-Day Martyrdom

One early Church Father (Tertullian) said that “the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.”  This means that the shedding of one’s blood for the faith is not ultimately a tragedy; … Read more>>>

Reflection 228: The Unfailing Presence of God

Is God alive in your life?  Does He live within you?  Is He present to you in the inner depths of your heart day and night?  There is only one thing that would … Read more>>>