Structure of this Book

Divine Mercy in My Soul: Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska is soon to become a classic spiritual book that everyone is encouraged to read in their lifetime.  However, many find this invitation intimidating, not just because of the width of her book, but because of the depth of its message on The Divine Mercy in each of Saint Faustina’s notebook entries.  This book, Daily Reflections on Divine Mercy, was written with the hope of guiding you through Saint Faustina’s Diary and her six notebooks of reflections.  It can be used on its own to help you pause and reflect on the beauty of Jesus’ messages to her, or as a companion book, as you simultaneously read Saint Faustina’s Diary.

Daily Reflections on Divine Mercy offers 365 daily teachings, reflections and prayers based upon the pages of Saint Faustina’s Diary.  The structured way to use this daily reflection book is to do just that…reflect upon one page each day. However, some may feel called to skip around a bit, read a few reflections at a time, or return to a particular reflection through which God spoke to you.  Therefore, though this book was written with the intent of providing one reflection for each day of the year, the best way to use it is any way you feel called and the way that benefits your relationship with God the most.

The first paragraph for each day offers this author’s insights to the words and teachings of Saint Faustina.  The section of her Diary used for the day’s teaching is marked so that the reader can also read her Diary first hand so as to see the primary source that the author of this book took inspiration from for that day’s reflection.  Though the primary text of the Diary is never quoted, nor are the reflections of this book exact representations of the Diary, they do provide the foundational basis for the spiritual message shared in each reflection.

The second paragraph for each day offers a short reflection put more as a question to the reader.  It offers the same insight in a different format so as to enter more deeply into the message of the day.

Finally, each daily reflection ends with a prayer focused upon the message and reflection for that day.  The reader is encouraged to pray this prayer several times.  Ideally, it is prayed first thing in the morning, again during the day, and again at night as an examination on how well the daily message was received.

As you seek to survive the world we live in, allow these pages to be a font of Mercy for you from God.  Allow God’s Divine Mercy to penetrate your heart so that you will know the abundance of His love and be more prepared to share that love with others.

Lord, as I begin my journey into Your Divine Mercy, help my heart to be open to all that You wish to bestow.  Help me to hear You speak to me, to meet You personally, and to allow You to enter fully into my life.  May I learn to trust You in all things as I encounter Your Divine Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Structure of this Book

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