Reflection 200: The Unity of Love and Suffering

Are love and suffering opposed?  In other words, if you feel much suffering can you also have great love?  One question to consider is this: What is the source of your suffering?  Is … Read more>>>

Reflection 199: Unity with Jesus is Unity with Others

The Church is glorious for many reasons.  One glorious aspect of the Church is the unity found within it.  It’s true that there is, at times, much internal disunity, hurt and disorder of … Read more>>>

Reflection 198: The Mercy of True Empathy

The lack of true heartfelt empathy is a clear sign of a certain psychological, emotional and even spiritual disorder.  This is mentioned because the opposite is true also.  The presence of true heartfelt … Read more>>>

Reflection 197: I Thirst

“I thirst.”  These two simple words have so much meaning.  They were spoken by our Lord from the Cross.  A soldier tried to offer some comfort by offering Him a sponge soaked in … Read more>>>

Reflection 196: Loving Jesus in Others

We are quite familiar with the Gospel passage, “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me” (Matthew 25:40).  But do you believe this?  If you do, then you … Read more>>>

Reflection 195: Our Sweet Delight

If you were an expert in the area of wine tasting, and you had a choice between an excellent bottle of wine and a cheap one, obviously you would choose the excellent one.  … Read more>>>

Reflection 194: Satisfaction in Life

What is it that satisfies you in life?  The answers to this question could be quite varied from person to person.  One may find satisfaction in work, another in family activities, another in … Read more>>>

Reflection 193: Do Not Hesitate

If you won a million dollars you probably wouldn’t say, “No, just give me $100, that’s all I want.”  And yet that is what we often do with the Mercy of God.  God … Read more>>>

Reflection 192: Loving God in Good Times and Bad

It’s easy to “love” God when all is well.  But when all is well, our love is not tested.  The testing that comes from human suffering clarifies our love of God.  This can … Read more>>>

Reflection 191: The Talkative Soul

A true danger to the interior life of communion with God is an excessive need to talk.  No, talking is not a sin and many times is an act of Mercy toward another.  … Read more>>>