Reflection 20: Give Your Life to Jesus Every Day

Once Jesus has accepted you and taken possession of your soul, do not worry about what is next.  Do not expect life to change dramatically right away, but do not be surprised if … Read more>>>

Reflection 19: The Lord Accepts You in His Mercy

If you have truly sought out our Divine Lord, then ask Him if He will accept you into His Heart and into His holy Will.  Ask Him and listen to Him.  If you … Read more>>>

Reflection 18: Mercy Given Through Priests

Mercy is given in numerous ways. Among the many channels of Mercy, seek it through God’s holy priests. Let His priest listen to you, speak to you and direct you. Priests are weak … Read more>>>

Reflection 17: Turn to Our Blessed Mother in Prayer 

Turn to our Blessed Mother in confident prayer.  She holds you close to her Immaculate Heart and will direct you to her Son, Jesus.  She is the perfect Mother, the Mother of All … Read more>>>

Reflection 16: Total Abandonment to God

Fall down before God. Prostrate yourself before Him. If you can, do it literally. If it would be a distraction to others then do it interiorly. Fall down prostrate before God and beg … Read more>>>

Reflection 15: God is Relentless in His Love

Do you put God off? Do you ignore His constant calling? Do you drown out His voice with countless distractions? Know that God never ceases to call you. Listen to Him. Sometimes we … Read more>>>

Reflection 14: True Satisfaction Only Through Mercy

So often in life we seek satisfaction from the passing things of the world. Be it riches, fleshly pleasure, prestige, or anything else, we must come to discover that one thing and one … Read more>>>

Reflection 13: An Invitation Within the Silence

Within our souls we must seek to hear God speak. He speaks in the silence and in the depths. He speaks, first, an invitation. He speaks an invitation to know Him and to … Read more>>>

Reflection 12: Adoring the Trinity in Your Soul

Adoration and love of the Most Holy Trinity take place, first, within our souls. Deep within each one of us God offers an invitation to adore Him. It is there, within the soul, … Read more>>>

Reflection 11: Adoration of the Most Holy Trinity

To comprehend, experience and offer The Divine Mercy of God we must first adore the Most Holy Trinity. If we could but fathom just a glimpse of true adoration of the Most Holy … Read more>>>