Reflection 258: The Closeness of God

Where is God?  It’s easy to think of God being in Heaven or some far off place, looking down upon us and guiding all of creation in accord with His holy Will.  This … Read more>>>

Reflection 257: The Long Term Plan of God

When you seek to serve our Lord with your whole heart, you may find that He speaks to you about His daily Will.  It may not be completely clear, but you may have … Read more>>>

Reflection 256: Doing Your Best

Saint Mother Teresa is often quoted as saying that God asks us to be faithful, not successful.  In other words, we are called to offer our best to the Lord, striving to be … Read more>>>

Reflection 255: The “Blessing” of Sin

This may seem like an unusual title.  How can sin be a “blessing?”  True, strictly speaking sin is an offense against God and has the effect of separating us from God.  Thus, sin … Read more>>>

Reflection 254: Divinization

Our calling in life can be described as a call to divinization.  What does this mean?  It means that God came to Earth and took on our human nature so as to draw … Read more>>>

Reflection 253: The Response of Total Gratitude

What should our response be to God?  Often times we become self-consumed in our relationship with God.  We focus in on our troubles and needs.  These must be given over to God and … Read more>>>

Reflection 252: The Apostolate of Mercy and Acceptance

Some people are deeply troubled in life and cannot seem to sort out their difficulties.  They are “needy” in the sense that they are constantly seeking something to offer them consolation.  They may … Read more>>>

Reflection 251: The Inner Dwelling of Your Heart

The Lord desires to come to you and make His dwelling within your heart.  But when He comes to you, what does He find?  What is the condition of your heart?  Some hearts … Read more>>>

Reflection 250: Praying Face Down to the Ground

When you pray, how do you go to our Lord?  It’s certainly good to offer Him your entire day in loving devotion and to speak to Him throughout the day as to your … Read more>>>

Reflection 249: The Fruit of Suffering

Only after someone has suffered greatly do they begin to understand the good fruits that can come forth from such suffering.  In and of itself, suffering is the result of our fallen human … Read more>>>