Reflection 139: Providence Makes it Happen

Sometimes we tend to push the Will of God faster than God has chosen to move.  As a result, we end up doing our own will and not that of God’s.  The key … Read more>>>

Reflection 138: God’s Mercy is Infinite

Perhaps it’s no surprise to hear it said that the Mercy of God is infinite.  But “infinity” is quite a concept to grasp.  In fact, some would argue that it is impossible to … Read more>>>

Reflection 137: Power in the Cross

When you pray, do you ever sit and gaze upon the crucifix?  From an outside perspective, the crucifix is a puzzling reality.  Why would we lift high and honor such a horrific event?  … Read more>>>

Reflection 136: The Power of a Grateful Heart

If you were to examine the content of your prayer life over the past month, what would you see?  Hopefully there would be many moments to surrender, intercession, praise and adoration.  And hopefully … Read more>>>

Reflection 135: Conversing with Jesus

Do you converse with Jesus?  This is a form of prayer that is most fruitful.  “Conversation” with God is not the highest form of prayer, but it is a form of prayer that … Read more>>>

Reflection 134: The Sweetness of Our Joint Labor

A honey bee works diligently, day after day, and a colony of bees all work toward the same natural end.  They work to produce honey.  This is no small task and requires constant … Read more>>>

Reflection 133: Actions on Our Own

We cannot do anything good on our own.  This is a fact.  All we can do on our own is sin.  In fact, the only way to please God and to do good … Read more>>>

Reflection 132: The Incomprehensible God

One common tendency we all have is curiosity.  We easily become curious about almost everything, desiring to know.  Magazines, news articles, shows, daily gossip sessions, etc., all have as their aim the satisfaction … Read more>>>

Reflection 131: The Great Work of Small Sacrifices

Is it better to do great works, or small sacrifices?  It’s easy to conclude that some great work for God is far better than any small sacrifice.  But is it?  That all depends … Read more>>>

Reflection 130: Correcting Others in Love

There is little doubt that each one of us will encounter, from time to time, the sin of another.  It could be in their words, actions or the omission of what they ought … Read more>>>